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git fetch origin master:master
git checkout master
git branch --merged master | grep -vE '^\*|\<master\>|\<develop\>' | xargs -I % git branch -d %
git branch -r --merged master | grep -vE '\<master\>|`\<develop\>`' | sed -e 's% *origin/%%' | xargs -I% git push --delete origin %
git fetch --prune
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git branch -r --merged master | grep -vE '\<master\>|\<develop\> | sed -e 's% *origin/%%' | xargs -I% git push --delete origin %
  1. remote の master に merge済み の branch をすべて表示して
  2. master と develop は消えてほしくないので除外して
  3. origin/ を削除して
  4. xargs (-I% % で ブランチ名を渡しつつ、全て削除する)
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gen0083 /
Created Jul 13, 2016
Convert milliseconds to String format with "00:00:00"
public class TimeUtil {
public static String humanReadableTimeWith(long millis) {
final long hour = TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS.toHours(millis);
final long minute = TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS.toMinutes(millis) -
final long second = TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS.toSeconds(millis) -
TimeUnit.MINUTES.toSeconds(minute) -
return String.format("%02d:%02d:%02d", hour, minute, second);