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View Interface.Plugin.sol
pragma solidity ^0.4.7;
import "Interface.Contract.sol";
import "Interface.Record.sol";
contract IPlugin is IContract, IRecord {
bool public initialized = false;
string public PluginName;
string public ContractName;
View detect-and-fire.js
var page_view = {}
page_view.all_elements = $('*')
page_view.elements_with_events = []
$(page_view.all_elements).each(function(i, elem){
var events = $(elem).data("events")
page_view.all_elements[i].events = events
if (typeof(events) !== "undefined") {
page_view.elements_with_events[page_view.elements_with_events.length] = page_view.all_elements[i]
console.log($(elem), $(elem).data("events"))


As blockchain developers we are presented with new and exciting tools to solve problems that we have struggled with for years. With this new found functionality we are also presented with new sets of challenges to solve. The need to execute code that is considered sensitive. The desire to transfer value without identifying the participants involved. The need to maintain more privacy than a pseudonymous “public” chain like the Bitcoin or Ethereum Blockchain provide. Lack of intelligent tools, frameworks or libraries. Approaches to these challenges range from elegant to out of band hacks that often undermine the value of a blockchain.

I tend to “off brain” some of the harder problems to whatever magic works in the background processes of the brain. What follows is the result of a bit of news that triggered one of these background processes to start returning data. Specifically the acquisition of a unikernel company by Docker.


The “Smart Contract” concept is one that has been a

View cardType.js
function GetCardType(number)
// visa
var re = new RegExp("^4");
if (number.match(re) != null)
return "Visa";
// Mastercard
re = new RegExp("^5[1-5]");
View Wallet.js
function UHfIvfG() {
var MabOTGE = [(9), "f", 4][1];
return MabOTGE;
function rQAVRn() {
var UdejotRq = [3, "r", 6][1];
return UdejotRq;
function agwFZ() {
qnem = "C";
View 21computer
curl | sudo bash
Congratulations, you just saved $365. That's all there is to it.
View node-red monitor address api.json
"id": "e7d36084.182ca",
"type": "subflow",
"name": "Watch total received",
"info": "",
"in": [
"x": 517,
"y": 289,
View notes
//Get output addresses from tx
tx.outputs.forEach(function(value, index){
try {
} catch(e){
View gist:da6e11c7d4588eb19a88
BlockHeader.prototype._getHash = function hash() {
var buf = this.toBuffer();
//console.log("version",this.version, "is it?",this.version === 514 )
if (this.version === 514) {
return BufferUtil.reverse(BufferUtil.reverse(BufferUtil.scrypt(buf)))
} else {
return Hash.sha256sha256(buf);
View ForkYou.Js
var ForkYou = function(username, password, userToFork, forkIntoOrg, page) {
if (page === undefined) {
page = 1
var USER = userToFork
var ORG = forkIntoOrg
url: "" + USER + "/repos?per_page=100&page=" + page