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I hereby claim:

  • I am genidma on github.
  • I am genidma ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAx1W5Ga3eI5Gu-5B-r_zIvoqcD2TTCWgVH0oX4tSQ00Ao

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View Parenting | Parenting, perspective while being an entrepreneur by Steve Blank
-- “your kids are only passing through. It will seem like forever but it will be gone in a blink of an eye.
Love them and care for them but remember they will be leaving. What will they remember that you taught them?”
View Ideas for SUS
* Personalized URL: There should be a personalized URL that an existent user can forward to their friends/acquaintence e.t.c
This would be a good metric that will allow YC to track who is actively reffering users. - Source : Adeel Khan
* Notify me when someone responds to me on forums: "I just need a feature that shows everything I've received a reply to.
I'm getting a shit ton of notifications and what I really care about are just replies. Their should be a way to filter by that."
Source: James OSullivan - Code Collate - Jan 28, 2020 9:44pm
* Maybe the 'W2020 Announcements' section should be emerging in a notification panel. It's buried in the forums.
View 1-28-2020
GVMR : c
* 19:05 : DMBTTJGJFE
* 22:22 'How to evaluate startup ideas' via SUS (I've reviewed this video before. So I will skim through it)
View 1-27-2020
GVMR : c (Note: Probability of completing GVMR is extremely high if it's tacked first thing after waking up/shower.
So that is what I am going to do going forward)
* 18:51 Lessons via SUS.
* 19:00 to 19:56 Some messaging and helping others. Stacking credits on top (Or trying to). Back to SUS video.
View 1-26-2020
GVMR : c (Reading articles and some chemistry instead of the usual)
* 01:05 Watching : YC : How to win :
* 19:00 Will BTC hit 250k by 2023. (Note: None of the info on the gists can be
considered as financial advice. Including this gist)
* 19:45 Just finished reading this article about sequestering CO2 into rocks. Fascinating.
* 21:21 DAO via AP:
View 1-25-2020
GVMR : n
* Day of action
* 15:29 Begin.
-- Ping contact to get in touch with the founder at Spira Inc. Sounds like a similar proposition. Can learn from journey.
* Regarding Materials Science, here is an initial list of breakthroughs that I am personally interested in seeing:
Personally interested in furthering the research (and then applying it)
-- Ultra-high temperature ceramics that we could use on Venus (For large scale sequestration).
-- Super-conducting materials at regular/room temperatures (Ideally: without the need to expend a lot of energy.)
-- Advanced and safe brain machine interfaces
View Useful Startup Tools and Resources
- Pitch Deck:
-- AirBnB's first pitch deck:
-- AirBnb's first pitch deck was made via
- Pitching
- How to Get Meetings with Investors and Raise Money by Aaron Harris : [Watched once in Feb 2020]
-- YC seed deck template:
View 1-14-2020
GVMR : c
* Evening schedule has been a struggle.
* Today : Different strategy. More focus on networking. As well, reaching out to some of the folks that I care about.
* I started eating rice again. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. Probably not very good for the brain.
As rice turns faster to sugar, which spikes up blood-sugar. Not great for insulin regulation. Not so great for the brain.
* It's 18:34 I am working on a presentation for Founder Match App.
* The 'Do things that don't scale' article via PG is super rich. Worth reading over and over again. PG, somehow manages to
pack a ton of information in a single article. The gist of the article is totally on topic: A lot of startup founders
have this tendency towards just buidling the tech, with all the bells and whistles. But, figuring out the plumbing, the
View 1-13-2020
GVMR : nc
Quotes of the day:
- "It's harmless if reporters and know-it-alls dismiss your startup. They always get things wrong.
It's even ok if investors dismiss your startup; they'll change their minds when they see growth.
The big danger is that you'll dismiss your startup yourself." - via PG
- "Tough times never last, but tough people do" - Dr. Robert Schuller. [Note: I am certainly
not religious. But choosing not to learn from someone who may be religious, is ridiculous. Besides, the quote rings true]
via FreeCodeCamp