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Shamir Threshold: Common Lisp
;;; shamir_threshold_scheme.lisp
;;; Implements Adi Shamir's (k, n) threshold secret sharing scheme.
;;; GRE, 6/17/11
(defun prod (nums)
"Product of nums"
(reduce #'* nums :initial-value 1))
(defun expt-mod (n exponent modulus)
"Fast modular exponentiation, from"
(loop :with result = 1
:for i :of-type fixnum :from 0 below (integer-length exponent)
:for sqr = n :then (mod (* sqr sqr) modulus)
:when (logbitp i exponent) :do
(setf result (mod (* result sqr) modulus))
:finally (return result)))
;; For mod inv, x^(phi(p) - 1) = x^{-1} mod p. Since p is prime, phi(p) = p - 1.
(defun mod-inv (x p)
"Multiplicative inverse of x mod p. NOTE: p __must__ be prime."
(expt-mod x (- p 2) p))
(defun horner-mod (x coeffs p)
"Horner's rule to evaluate poly given by coeffs at x (modulo p)"
(reduce #'(lambda (coef acc) (mod (+ (* acc x) coef) p))
:from-end t)
(defun sample (limit num)
"Uniform sample of num integers from [1, limit), no repeats"
(loop :with samp = '()
:for x = (1+ (random (1- limit))) :then (1+ (random (1- limit)))
:if (not (member x samp))
:do (setf samp (cons x samp))
:when (= num (length samp))
:do (return samp)))
(defun shamir-threshold (s k n p)
"Shamir's (k, n) threshold scheme"
(let ((coeffs (cons s (loop :for i :from 0 :below (1- k)
:collect (1+ (random (1- p))))))
(xs (sample p n)))
(mapcar #'(lambda (x) (cons x (horner-mod x coeffs p))) xs)))
(defun interp-const (xy-pairs k p)
"(shortcut) lagrangian interpolation to find constant term of poly given by
points in xy-pairs"
(if (< (length xy-pairs) k)
(error "Not enough points for interpolation")
(labels ((x (i) (car (nth i xy-pairs)))
(y (i) (cdr (nth i xy-pairs)))
(c (i) (mod (prod (loop :for j :from 0 :below k
:if (not (= i j))
:collect (mod (* (x j)
(mod-inv (- (x j)
(x i))
(mod (loop :for i :from 0 :below k
:sum (mod (* (y i) (c i)) p))
;;; Driver code
(let ((s #36rPRAXIS) (k 5) (n 20) (p 1557514061))
(let ((xy-pairs (shamir-threshold s k n p)))
(print s)
(dolist (pair xy-pairs) (print pair))
(print (interp-const xy-pairs k p))
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