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geo2a / EquationalReasoningTacticNotation.v
Created January 4, 2020 18:42
Equational Reasoning in Coq using Tactic Notations
Tactic Notation
"`Begin " constr(lhs) := idtac.
Tactic Notation
"≡⟨ " tactic(proof) "⟩" constr(lhs) :=
(stepl lhs by proof).
Tactic Notation
"≡⟨ " tactic(proof) "⟩" constr(lhs) "`End" :=
(now stepl lhs by proof).

This is a follow-up for Li-yao Xia's answer on my StackOverflow question

Thanks for your answer Li-yao! I have a couple of follow-up notes/questions:

A Fixpoint on terms indexed by function types A -> B is useless since
no subterms of any Select term are indexed by function types.
For the same reason, induction is useless on such terms.
geo2a / SBVMostekCountdown.hs
Created November 22, 2017 16:42
An unsuccessful attempt to verify a count down program using SBV.
import Control.Monad.IO.Class (liftIO)
import Data.SBV
import Data.SBV.Examples.BitPrecise.Legato
prover = z3 { verbose = True
, redirectVerbose = Just "example.smt2"
, timing = PrintTiming
, printBase = 10