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Created June 14, 2023 14:08
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Dagster new DBT API
import os
from typing import Optional
from dagster import MetadataValue, OpExecutionContext, Output
from dagster_dbt.asset_decorator import dbt_assets
from dagster_dbt.cli import DbtCli, DbtManifest
from dagster_dbt.utils import output_name_fn
from dateutil import parser
from My_DagsterProject.resources import DBT_MANIFEST_PATH, DBT_PROFILES_DIR
manifest =
@dbt_assets(manifest=manifest, io_manager_key="warehouse_io_manager")
def dbt_assets(context: OpExecutionContext, dbt: DbtCli):
target = os.environ.get("DBT_TARGET", "local")
context.log.debug(f"Running dbt with target {target}")
dbt_cli_task = dbt.cli(
["run", "--target", target, "--profiles-dir", DBT_PROFILES_DIR],
# Run the task, but don't yield events.
events = list(dbt_cli_task.stream_raw_events())
if dbt_cli_task.is_successful:
# Get the run results after the task has completed.
run_results = dbt_cli_task.get_artifact("run_results.json")
executed_manifest = dbt_cli_task.get_artifact("manifest.json")
results_by_output_name = {
output_name_fn({"unique_id": result["unique_id"]}): result
for result in run_results["results"]
manifest_by_output_name = {
output_name_fn({"unique_id": unique_id}): node
for unique_id, node in executed_manifest["nodes"].items()
# Then, we can use the run results to add metadata to the outputs.
for event in events:
for dagster_event in event.to_default_asset_events(manifest=manifest):
if isinstance(dagster_event, Output):
event_node_info = event.event["data"]["node_info"]
started_at = parser.isoparse(event_node_info["node_started_at"])
completed_at = parser.isoparse(event_node_info["node_finished_at"])
output_name = dagster_event.output_name
result = results_by_output_name[output_name]
rows_affected: Optional[int] = result["adapter_response"].get(
rows_affected_metadata = (
{"rows_affected": rows_affected} if rows_affected else {}
node = manifest_by_output_name[output_name]
compiled_sql: Optional[str] = node.get("compiled_code")
compiled_sql_metadata = (
if compiled_sql
else {}
node_metadata = {
"Execution Started At": started_at.isoformat(
"Execution Completed At": completed_at.isoformat(
"Execution Duration": (
completed_at - started_at
yield dagster_event
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