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Last active March 2, 2021 06:36
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Remove retweets
# Find/remove the tweets flagged as retweets
is_retweets = which(sapply(code2013, function(x) x$getIsRetweet()))
if (length(is_retweets) > 0) {
filtered_tweets = code2013[-is_retweets]
} else {
filtered_tweets = code2013
statuses = sapply(filtered_tweets, function(x) x$getText())
# Find and remove RT based retweets. This will be overeager but we're not losing many
# tweets anyways
manual_retweets = grep("[[:space:]]?rt", statuses)
if (length(manual_retweets) > 0) {
filtered_tweets = filtered_tweets[-manual_retweets]
statuses = statuses[-manual_retweets]
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this is no longer work. can u make a new version? i need this

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