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Last active July 23, 2020 12:22
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2020-07 kube-applier spec

kube-applier v3


applied namespace

  • roleBinding KA's/SA as ns admin
  • secret called
  • CRD instance



You can specify the git repository describing your namespace


Path to the namespace definition within your repository


One git token you provide that both grants access to your base repository and any private bases you might pull via Kuatomize


  • How do you auth to multiple private repositories, go-git suggests using personal tokens to auth for clone. We allow each namespace to specify a single token. And suggest they use a user account (human or machine).
  • Obscure last-applied annotation from Secret resources
  • Work out how to "watch" with go-git
  • go-git doesn't implement filters right now, won't work with strongobx: go-git/go-git#95
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