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Universal Sentence Encoder Featurizer
from rasa_nlu.featurizers import Featurizer
import tensorflow_hub as hub
import tensorflow as tf
class UniversalSentenceEncoderFeaturizer(Featurizer):
"""Appends a universal sentence encoding to the message's text_features."""
# URL of the TensorFlow Hub Module
name = "universal_sentence_encoder_featurizer"
# We don't require any previous pipline step and return text_features
requires = []
provides = ["text_features"]
def __init__(self, component_config):
super(UniversalSentenceEncoderFeaturizer, self).__init__(component_config)
# Load the TensorFlow Hub Module with pre-trained weights
sentence_encoder = hub.Module(self.TFHUB_URL)
# Create a TensorFlow placeholder for the input string
self.input_string = tf.placeholder(tf.string, shape=[None])
# Invoke `sentence_encoder` in order to create the encoding tensor
self.encoding = sentence_encoder(self.input_string)
# Create a TensorFlow Session and run initializers
self.session = tf.Session()[tf.global_variables_initializer(),
def train(self, training_data, config, **kwargs):
# Nothing to train, just process all training examples so that the
# feature is set for future pipeline steps
for example in training_data.training_examples:
def process(self, message, **kwargs):
# Get the sentence encoding by feeding the message text and computing
# the encoding tensor.
feature_vector =,
{self.input_string: [message.text]})[0]
# Concatenate the feature vector with any existing text features
features = self._combine_with_existing_text_features(message, feature_vector)
# Set the feature, overwriting any existing `text_features`
message.set("text_features", features)
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