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Plotting 3D maps using OpenStreetMap and RGL.
# Plotting 3D maps using OpenStreetMap and RGL. For info see:
map3d <- function(map, ...){
if(length(map$tiles)!=1){stop("multiple tiles not implemented") }
nx = map$tiles[[1]]$xres
ny = map$tiles[[1]]$yres
xmin = map$tiles[[1]]$bbox$p1[1]
xmax = map$tiles[[1]]$bbox$p2[1]
ymin = map$tiles[[1]]$bbox$p1[2]
ymax = map$tiles[[1]]$bbox$p2[2]
xc = seq(xmin,xmax,len=ny)
yc = seq(ymin,ymax,len=nx)
colours = matrix(map$tiles[[1]]$colorData,ny,nx)
m = matrix(0,ny,nx)
surface3d(xc,yc,m,col=colours, ...)
#Sys.setenv(NOAWT=1) # Mac users: fixes an OSM/X11 issue that may arise
# download map tile (the '8' parameter for map resolution)
lat <- c(51.7, 51.3); lon <- c(-0.53, 0.3)
map <- openproj(openmap(c(lat[1],lon[1]),c(lat[2],lon[2]), 8, 'osm'))
# import London rents data (originally from London Data Store)
rents <- read.csv("", header=T)
# create xyz matrix for line heights (row pairs for segment points)
m <- mat.or.vec(66, 3)
for(i in 1:66) for(j in 1:3) m[i,j] = rents[ceiling(i/2),j+2]
for(i in 1:33) m[i*2,3] = 0; m[,3] = m[,3]/15000
# draw map
run <- function(){
map3d(map, lit=F)
segments3d(m, lwd=5, col='red', alpha=0.6)
play3d(spin3d(axis=c(0,0,0.5), rpm=24), duration=2.5)
# adjust to custom view and save to file
rgl.snapshot("output.png", fmt="png", top=TRUE)

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jasswitz commented Jan 30, 2018

Hi there,
this post is from a few years ago, but nevertheless interesting for me. however, i cannot find the used rents-file anywhere which makes it hard for me to understand the sought after structure for the matrix that will be plotted. do you still have the file and could put it somewhere to download? or can you add a screenshot of the data structure of the rents file, so one can reconstruct something in a similar structure? thank you so much

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