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Geraldo Castro geraldofcneto

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angular.module('stateMock').service("$state", function($q){
this.expectedTransitions = [];
this.transitionTo = function(stateName){
if(this.expectedTransitions.length > 0){
var expectedState = this.expectedTransitions.shift();
if(expectedState !== stateName){
throw Error("Expected transition to state: " + expectedState + " but transitioned to " + stateName );
BobNisco / controller.js
Last active Apr 21, 2022
onLongPress AngularJS Directive - Great for mobile!
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// Somewhere in your controllers for this given example
// Example functions
$scope.itemOnLongPress = function(id) {
console.log('Long press');
$scope.itemOnTouchEnd = function(id) {
console.log('Touch end');
lyoshenka /
Last active Nov 29, 2022
Search Git commit history for a string and see the diffs

Searching Git commit history

This should be one of the core features of Git, but for some reason it's impossible to figure out how to search for a string in your commit history and see the diffs that that string is in. Here's the best I've come up with:

To find which commits and which files a string was added or removed in:

git log -S'search string' --oneline --name-status

To see the diff of that

jeffdonthemic / gist:7247654
Last active Aug 6, 2020
Passing parameters in an Angular.js Controller to a Resource
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// in the html page
angular.module('config', []).constant('APIKEY',''5250738f97ce29c219000011'');
myApp.controller('JobsCtrl', ['$scope', 'Jobs', 'APIKEY', function($scope, Jobs, apiKey) {
var promise = Jobs(apiKey).query().$promise;
// do more awesome programming