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@geraldstanje geraldstanje/print4.html
Last active Apr 27, 2016

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%html{:lang => "en", "ng-app" => "myApp"}
%script{:src => ""}
%script{:src => ""}
%script{:src => ""}
%meta{:charset => "utf-8"}/
%title My AngularJS App
.col-md-8{style: "padding: 20px;"}
.col-md-12{style: "background-color:rgba(86,61,124,.15);padding-bottom: 10px;padding-top: 10px;border-radius: 10px;font-size:16px"}
Webgl picking data points with readPixels from a google map using an offscreen buffer.
a point for the city name.
= succeed ',' do
%a{href: ''} Displaying WebGL data on Google Maps
= succeed ',' do
%a{href: ''} Google Maps + HTML5 + Spatial Data Visualization
Chaper 8 of
%a{href: ''}WebGL Beginner's Guide
%script#pointVertexShader{:type => "x-shader/x-vertex"}
attribute vec4 worldCoord;
attribute vec4 color;
attribute float aPointSize;
varying vec4 vColor;
uniform mat4 mapMatrix;
void main() {
\// transform world coordinate by matrix uniform variable
gl_Position = mapMatrix * worldCoord;
vColor = color;
gl_PointSize = aPointSize;
%script#pointFragmentShader{:type => "x-shader/x-fragment"}
precision mediump float;
varying vec4 vColor;
void main() {
gl_FragColor = vColor;
%div{"ng-controller" => "myCtrl"}
#map{map: ''}
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