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View Find empty password in Linux systems
cat /etc/shadow | awk -F: '($2 == "" ) { print $1 " does not have a password "}'
View LVM extend 100% available space
pvcreate /dev/mapper/mpathX
vgextend vg /dev/mapper/mpathX
lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/vg
geralexgr / verify_openssl.txt
Last active Nov 2, 2018
verify ssl certificate installed correctly on server
View verify_openssl.txt
openssl s_client -connect HOSTNAME:443
geralexgr / extend_disk_virtualbox_mac.txt
Last active Nov 2, 2018
Extend Virtualbox disc drive mac OS (login as root required)
View extend_disk_virtualbox_mac.txt
VBoxManage modifyhd --resize 60000 "/Users/USER/VirtualBox VMs/VM NAME/VM DISC NAME.vdi"
geralexgr / cmd.txt
Last active Oct 12, 2017
SHA1 extraction for Xamarin.Forms Maps - Android
View cmd.txt
keytool.exe -list -v -keystore "%LocalAppData%\Xamarin\Mono for Android\Keystore\keystore\keystore.keystore" -alias NAME -storepass STOREPASS -keypass KEYPASS