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Get tweets (using the Twitter API 1.1) and cache them using the Wordpress Transient API. You need twitter-api-php (
function ShowTweets(){
// Setting the name of our transient
$transName = 'twitter';
// Time that the transient expires (in minutes)
$cacheTime = 10;
// If the transient doesn't exist, or when the transient has expired
if(false === ($data = get_transient($transName))){
// Require the Twitter-API-PHP : Simple PHP wrapper for the v1.1 API (
// Set access tokens here - see:
$settings = array(
'oauth_access_token' => "YOUR_OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN",
'oauth_access_token_secret' => "YOUR_OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET",
'consumer_key' => "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY",
'consumer_secret' => "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET"
// Set the url for the Twitter search
$url = '';
// Pass all the search parameters (
$getfield = '?q=%23dv2013';
$requestMethod = 'GET';
// Now we get the tweets from Twitter-API-PHP
$twitter = new TwitterAPIExchange($settings);
// We get the JSON data from the requested tweets
$data = $twitter->setGetfield($getfield)->buildOauth($url, $requestMethod)->performRequest();
// We decode the JSON to get a PHP array
$data = json_decode($data, TRUE);
// We store the data in a transient
set_transient($transName, $data, 60 * $cacheTime);
// We get the tweets from the stored transient
$data = get_transient($transName);
// We get the statuses array (containing all the tweets from the search we are performing)
$data = $data['statuses'];
// Check we have any tweets
if(is_array($data)) {
// If we have tweets, we print the container of the tweets
print('<div class="slides_container">');
// Get the first 5 tweets
array_splice($data, 5);
// For each tweet
foreach($data as $tweet) {
// The user data is in a nested array, so here we define it
$user = $tweet['user'];
// Print the tweet (change the markup to your liking)
print('<div class="slide"><p><a href="' .$user['screen_name']. '" target="_blank">@' .$user['name']. '</a> ' . HandleLinks($tweet['text']) . '</p></div>');
// If we have tweets, we print the closing tag of the container of the tweets
// Function to create links in the tweet's text
function HandleLinks($v) {
// Creating links for URL's
$v = preg_replace('@(https?://([-\w\.]+)+(/([\w/_\.]*(\?\S+)?(#\S+)?)?)?)@','<a href="$1" target="_blank">$1</a>', $v);
// Creating links for usernames
$v = preg_replace('/@(\w+)/','<a href="$1" target="_blank">@$1</a>',$v);
// Creating links for hashtags
$v = preg_replace('/\s+#(\w+)/',' <a href="$1" target="_blank">#$1</a>', $v);
return trim($v);
// Usage:
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EnekoBarrero commented Aug 18, 2014

I'm a little lost ...

Where should I enter the username?

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