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Z-index mixin for LESS
@z-index-order: 'contact', 'lightbox', 'nav';
.zindex(@elementName) {
.loop(@elementName, @counter) when (@counter > 0) {
.loop(@elementName, @counter - 1);
.pickIndex(@elementName, @counter);
.loop(@elementName, length(@z-index-order));
.pickIndex(@elementName, @counter) when (extract(@z-index-order, @counter) = @elementName) {
z-index: @counter * 100;
// usage
nav {
// output: nav{z-index:300}
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no reason to multiply by 100 the @counter, if you use this mixin you will never need to define a z-index manually.

Also, doing so, makes the illusion that you can rely on the gap between the z-indexes to insert an arbitrary z-index manually, but if you do so, when you'll add a new element to the @z-index-order, everything will break.

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