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Created January 4, 2015 16:41
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def parse_csv(text):
"""Parses a CSV format text, returns a dictionary, keys are the Column headers from the CSV and values are the data"""
result = {}
# first split by EOL
lines = text.split("\n")
if len(lines) > 0:
headers = [item.strip() for item in lines[0].split(",")]
# rows
for line in lines[1:]: # bypass first line, that contains the header
row_items = [item.strip() for item in line.split(",")]
counter = 0
for header in headers:
if header not in result:
result[header] = []
counter += 1
return result
if __name__ == "__main__":
sample_csv = """Column1, Column2, Column3
1, 2, 3
a, b, c
I, V, X
4, 5, 6
d, e, f"""
parsed_data = parse_csv(sample_csv)
print(parsed_data) # will print {'Column1': ['1', 'a', 'I', '4', 'd'], 'Column3': ['3', 'c', 'X', '6', 'f'], 'Column2': ['2', 'b', 'V', '5', 'e']}
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