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Colorful console in Python
from blessings import Terminal
if __name__ == "__main__":
# create a new instance of Terminal class
terminal = Terminal()
print("Your terminal supports {0} different colors.\n".format(terminal.number_of_colors))
indentation = 3 * terminal.move_right()
print("Text with different background color:")
for c in range(1, terminal.number_of_colors):
formatted_text = terminal.color(c)("Sample text is displayed in different colors")
print(indentation + formatted_text)
print("Text with different foreground color:")
for c in range(1, terminal.number_of_colors):
print(indentation + terminal.on_color(c)("Sample text is displayed in different colors"))
# custom formatting
print(terminal.bold_italic_white_on_red('Freaky text entered.'))
print(terminal.bold_underline_cyan_on_black('This is a bold cyan text on black.'))
# moving the cursor can be handy when text
# has to be displayed in different locations
print(terminal.move_down() + 'This is one row down!')
print(terminal.move_right() + 'This is one column to the right!')
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