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A offer function that will timeout if the offer cannot be made
(use 'clojure.core.async)
(defn offer [ch msg timeout-ms]
"Blocks till the message can be placed on the queue and returns true otherwise returns false"
(first (alts!! [(go (>! ch msg) msg) (timeout timeout-ms)])))))
;;lets test
(= false (offer (chan) 1 100))
;=> true
(= true (offer (chan 10) 1 100))
;=> true
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thegeez commented Nov 3, 2013

(defn offer [ch msg timeout-ms]
   [[ch msg]] true
   (timeout timeout-ms) false))

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gerritjvv commented Nov 3, 2013

even shorter thanks.

I did not know that you could send alt!! a [[ch msg]] resp argument sequence and have it call the channel with the correct message.

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