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gemspec to get a ruby gem out of lib/rex in the metasploit framework
# Drop this into msf3 root-dir as 'msf-rex.gemspec'.
# Create gem with:
# $ gem build msf-rex.gemspec
# Note there's already a "rex" rubygem, which is why we used 'msf-rex'.
# We can still "require 'rex'" though.
$: << 'lib'
require 'msf/ui'
rex_vers = [
].join('.') do |s| = "msf-rex"
s.version = rex_vers ="%Y-%m-%d")
s.summary = "Standalone REX library from the Metasploit Framework"
s.description = "This library provides most of the API used by the Metasploit Framework (Sockets, SMB, HTTP, encoding, etc), but does not include any user interfaces or exploit modules."
s.homepage = "" = "Rapid7 LLC" = ""
s.files = Dir["lib/rex.rb", "lib/rex/**/*", "lib/windows_console_color_support.rb"]
s.require_paths = ["lib"]
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