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Ryan Gerry gerryster

  • @bluemarblepayroll
  • Woodstock, IL, USA
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* Creates a CSV "shopping list" from the Item List view in the Ikea Kitchen Planner. Unfortunately,
* Ikea does not provide an easy way to convert kitchen plans to your shopping cart. This is
* probably by design as they want you to come to the store and review your design with thier
* kitchen experts. This is good advice for most people as they will help you spot mistakes. This
* tool is intended for those experienced with Ikea kitchens.
* How To Use in Google Chrome:
* 1) Open your Ikea kitchen design.
* 2) Click on the "Item list/Total Price" button at the top.
gerryster / super_forwards_everything.rb
Created Apr 25, 2016
A demonstration of how Ruby's super keyword forwards on all arguments
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# A demonstration of how Ruby's super keyword forwards on all arguments:
class A
def foo(*args)
puts "super class args are #{args.inspect}, block_given?: #{block_given?}"
class B < A
def foo(*argsb)
gerryster / gist:18b67d6209c72a9739c0
Last active Jul 8, 2018
firebase.json with support for HTML5 routing and cache busting (as long as the compiled html file also supports cache busting).
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"firebase": "my-awesome-app",
"rewrites": [ {
"source": "**",
"destination": "/index.html"
} ],
"headers": [ {
"source" : "**/*.html",
"headers" : [ {
"key" : "Cache-Control",
gerryster / us_geo_chart_google
Created Dec 8, 2012
US State Map using the GeoChart from the Google Chart Tools
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// GeoChart from
// Try out by pasting code into:
function drawVisualization() {
var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
['State', 'Foo Factor'],
['US-IL', 200],
['US-IN', 300],
['US-IA', 20],