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A simple class to illustrate the inaccuracy of an answer on StackOverflow which has currently been upvoted by at least 23 "programmers" without a single one noticing this incorrect statement.
* Just a simple demonstration after seeing an answer on StackOverflow relating to code auditing which despite
* gathering the most votes by far (currently 23) includes the following clearly inaccurate statement without
* a single comment pointing out the inaccurate claim.
* ========================================================================================================
* Quote from the current top answer on
* ========================================================================================================
* Accidental Assignment — More often than not, you'll see this happen in some non-critical component of the
* code, where it can sleep and/or lurk until you get an unexpected result one day: if ($foo = $this->bar()).
* This always evaluates true, of course. In rare circumstances, you'll actually want to test for assignment.
* If that is the case you should use double parenthesis to indicate intent: if (($foo = $this->bar()))
* ========================================================================================================
* "Always evaluates true, of course" is the part I have most issue with.
class BsTester{
function bar(){
return false;
function test(){
if($foo = $this->bar()){
echo 'Evaluates TRUE';
echo 'Evaluates FALSE';
$bsTester = new BsTester();
$bsTester->test(); // Outputs "Evaluates FALSE"
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