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Last active May 9, 2018
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Speech to Text for Processing using WebSockets and Google Chrome.
Simple WebSocketServer example that can receive voice transcripts from Chrome
Requires WebSockets Library:
import websockets.*;
WebsocketServer socket;
void setup() {
socket = new WebsocketServer(this, 1337, "/p5websocket");
void draw() {
void webSocketServerEvent(String msg){
<script type="text/javascript">
// We need to check if the browser supports WebSockets
if ("WebSocket" in window) {
// Before we can connect to the WebSocket, we need to start it in Processing.
var ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:1337/p5websocket");
} else {
// The browser doesn't support WebSocket
alert("WebSocket NOT supported by your Browser!");
// Now we can start the speech recognition
// Supported only in Chrome
// Once started, you need to allow Chrome to use the microphone
var recognition = new webkitSpeechRecognition();
// Be default, Chrome will only return a single result.
// By enabling "continuous", Chrome will keep the microphone active.
recognition.continuous = true;
recognition.onresult = function(event) {
// Get the current result from the results object
var transcript = event.results[event.results.length-1][0].transcript;
// Send the result string via WebSocket to the running Processing Sketch
// Start the recognition
// Restart the recognition on timeout
recognition.onend = function(){
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