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Created September 30, 2010 03:39
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// HOWTO: load LABjs itself dynamically!
// inline this code in your page to load LABjs itself dynamically, if you're so inclined.
(function (global, oDOC, handler) {
var head = oDOC.head || oDOC.getElementsByTagName("head");
function LABjsLoaded() {
// do cool stuff with $LAB here
// loading code borrowed directly from LABjs itself
setTimeout(function () {
if ("item" in head) { // check if ref is still a live node list
if (!head[0]) { // append_to node not yet ready
setTimeout(arguments.callee, 25);
head = head[0]; // reassign from live node list ref to pure node ref -- avoids nasty IE bug where changes to DOM invalidate live node lists
var scriptElem = oDOC.createElement("script"),
scriptdone = false;
scriptElem.onload = scriptElem.onreadystatechange = function () {
if ((scriptElem.readyState && scriptElem.readyState !== "complete" && scriptElem.readyState !== "loaded") || scriptdone) {
return false;
scriptElem.onload = scriptElem.onreadystatechange = null;
scriptdone = true;
scriptElem.src = "/path/to/LAB.js";
head.insertBefore(scriptElem, head.firstChild);
}, 0);
// required: shim for FF <= 3.5 not having document.readyState
if (oDOC.readyState == null && oDOC.addEventListener) {
oDOC.readyState = "loading";
oDOC.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", handler = function () {
oDOC.removeEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", handler, false);
oDOC.readyState = "complete";
}, false);
})(window, document);
// compressed more suitable for inlining
// ~640b before gzip
(function(g,b,d){var c=b.head||b.getElementsByTagName("head"),D="readyState",E="onreadystatechange",F="DOMContentLoaded",G="addEventListener",H=setTimeout;
function f(){
// $LAB stuff here
H(function(){if("item"in c){if(!c[0]){H(arguments.callee,25);return}c=c[0]}var a=b.createElement("script"),e=false;a.onload=a[E]=function(){if((a[D]&&a[D]!=="complete"&&a[D]!=="loaded")||e){return false}a.onload=a[E]=null;e=true;f()};
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getify commented Jul 13, 2011

@tobie -- it's to address an older IE quirk/bug where the [0] element is not yet set, and if you capture a ref to it too early, when it's made available, your ref will be invalid.

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tobie commented Jul 13, 2011

Heh. Deserves a comment, don't you think?

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