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Last active Mar 28, 2020
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illustrating the hook/stale-closure problem
function SomeCounter() {
const [ counter, updateCounter ] = useState(0);
useEffect(function listening(){
const btn = document.getElementById("increment-counter-btn");
useEffect(function logger(){
// this logger() is updated each time `counter` changes, so
// the closure is never stale
console.log(`Current counter: ${ counter }`);
},[ counter ]);
return <div>Counter Value: {counter}</div>;
function onClick(evt) {
// we're closed over `counter` here, but only the onClick()
// from the very first rendering is bound as the event
// handler; the closure becomes stale -- OOPS!
console.log(`Previous Counter: ${counter}`);
updateCounter(c => c + 1);

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getify commented Mar 27, 2020

FTR, I'm well aware of myriad ways to "fix" this problem. I'm also well aware of linter rules that purportedly save you from making this mistake. Neither of those is relevant to my point.

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