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gevaertw / ArchiSQLGenerator.ajs
Last active Aug 25, 2019
#jarchi #ArchiSQLGenerator
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The goal is that a user creates a pattern on a view. Based on that pattern a SQL query is created to analyse the entire model for that view.
The model must be in a database created with herve database plugin (Link) This is very powerfull to analyse the model using SQL and by further extention BI tools like PowerBI
Check for more info
//-------------------------- Script Settings --------------------------------------------------------------
// to set language comment or uncomment
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DROP VIEW VW_Elements_Latest_Model;
CREATE VIEW VW_Elements_Latest_Model AS
SELECT AS Element_ID, AS Element_Name,
elements.documentation AS Element_Documentation,
elements.class AS Element_Class,
elements.version AS Element_Version,
FROM elements_in_model
gevaertw / ImportDataFromServiceMap.ajs
Last active Mar 24, 2019
#jArchi #AzureServiceMap
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Version 1
This script loads archi elements from an Azure service map into archimate. It Shows the network communication between servers as found by azure service map.
All will be drawn on an model but without considering the data already in the model. In V2 (if that ever gets created) I will work using existing models and the data it has
Use the query below in service map to get the input file. Do not change the fields or field order from the query, you can change the fileters if you like.
I highly recomend you to filter out any connection that you consider irrellevant or junk. Running an input file of 2000 lines takes around 90 seconds on my laptop.
gevaertw / UserConfiguration.txt
Created Jan 8, 2019
#Ableton #AbletonUsermapping #NordPiano
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# Config File for User-defined Instant Mappings of a Nord Piano 3 in Ableton by Wouter Gevaert
# Version 1.0, 8/1/2019
# If you find it, feel free do do whatever peacefull action you have in mind. Help on installing this file in Ableton can be found here:
# The channel that the controller should send on (Substract 1 from what midi monitor shows you, I left mine to default Channel 1)
GlobalChannel: 0
gevaertw / CreateAppServicePattern.ajs
Last active Feb 9, 2019
#jArchi Script to create default application pattern into the active model.
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jArchi Script to create default application pattern into the active model. It creates the objects and relations.
It puts all objects into a folder per application and creates a view.
console.log("Creating Default Application Pattern");
//Pop up for application name, and check if that is already in the model
var appName = window.prompt("Name of the application to create", "My Application Service");
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