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License: latest LGPL :D
As per my discussion with Gianni (@gf3), and
requires sshfs and macfuse preinstalled and visible from your PATH
Will only work on servers where you've set up SSH keys, but you've done
that already right ;)?
accept tab key to switch between fields (Shoes magic? I feel lame about this part)
save servers
Ironically getting this to work might be out of the purview of some
*technical* peeps just the same.
This took me 15 minutes to write from start to finish, as I had to look
up the relevant Shoes methods, and forty five minutes to debug
Shoes ships with an older version of libglib-2.0.0.dylib than what
sshfs requires. You'll have to replace the libglib-2.0.0.dylib included
in the folder with the libglib-2.0.0.dylib that
your copy of sshfs will try to load (on my computer it's /sw/lib/libglib-2.0.0.dylib)
If I were distributing this however it would be a non issue, so I feel
vindicated all the same.
No harm meant to the expandrive peeps - I think it's probably a useful and well thought
out piece of software, but I suppose my argument at large is that it's a somewhat
trivial improvement (with the exception of their S3 adapter). For all I know
they HAVE gone ahead and submitted patches and been good citizens, but nonetheless
I'm not convinced that this is a particularly useful appropriation.
Ever since I made the plunge to OSX I've been kind of shocked at the lack of free, quality
utilities that are so pervasive in the Linux world. Little things like a good FTP client or
being able to mount ISO's with a mouse click or look inside archives.
This is a totally legit use of the underlying libraries and I commend them for putting in the
time to make a product people would actually want to use, but I don't know! It's complicated.
These kinds of utilities are all just basic little things that I should not have to think about
=end :height => 500, :width => 300 do
background "rgb(240, 245, 220)"
stack :margin => 10 do
para "user:"
@user = edit_line
para "server:"
@server = edit_line
para "remote folder:"
@remote_folder = edit_line
para "local folder:"
@local_folder = edit_line
# This is rocket science. ZOMG!
button "Mount that sexy beast" do
Shoes.p (line = "sshfs #{@user.text}@#{@server.text}:#{@remote_folder.text} #{@local_folder.text}")
Shoes.p `#{line}`
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