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from AppKit import NSApp
from vanilla import FloatingWindow, EditText, List, Button
from import getShortCuts
from lib.UI.fileBrowser import shortKeyToString
class CommandPalette:
def __init__(self):
shortcuts = getShortCuts()
self.shortcuts = {}
self.menuItems = {}
for key, item in shortcuts.items():
if item.keyEquivalent():
shortkey = item.keyEquivalentModifierMask(), item.keyEquivalent()
self.shortcuts[key] = shortkey
self.menuItems[key] = item
self.w = FloatingWindow((400, 280), 'CommandPalette',
minSize=(400, 200), maxSize=(400, 480))
x = y = p = 10
textHeight = 20
self.w.text = EditText((x, y, -p, textHeight), '',
placeholder='type to search...',
continuous=True, callback=self.updateListCallback)
y += textHeight + p
self.w.list = List(
(x, y, -p, -p),
[{"command": key, "keys": shortKeyToString(shortkey)} for key, shortkey in self.shortcuts.items()],
columnDescriptions=[{"title": "command"}, {"title": "keys", "width" : 100}],
allowsMultipleSelection=False, allowsEmptySelection=False,
def updateListCallback(self, sender):
search = sender.get()
foundItems = [{"command": key, "keys": shortKeyToString(shortkey)} for key, shortkey in self.shortcuts.items() if search in key]
def doubleClickCallback(self, sender):
items = self.w.list.get()
i = self.w.list.getSelection()[0]
command = items[i]['command']
menuItem = self.menuItems[command]
NSApp().sendAction_to_from_(menuItem.action(),, menuItem)
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