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Created Mar 30, 2015
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# This file has been auto-generated by i3-config-wizard(1).
# It will not be overwritten, so edit it as you like.
# Should you change your keyboard layout some time, delete
# this file and re-run i3-config-wizard(1).
# i3 config file (v4)
# Please see for a complete reference!
# use Alt for everything
set $mod Mod1
# hack to "remove" title bars
new_window 1pixel
# hide all edges NOT between splits/windows
hide_edge_borders both
# show title bar and border of current window
bindsym $mod+b border toggle
# toggle borders on all windows
bindsym $mod+a [class="^.*"] border toggle
# xcalc does not hint properly, I guess
for_window [title="Calculator"] floating enable
# Font for window titles. Will also be used by the bar unless a different font
# is used in the bar {} block below.
# This font is widely installed, provides lots of unicode glyphs, right-to-left
# text rendering and scalability on retina/hidpi displays (thanks to pango).
font pango:DejaVu Sans Mono 8
# Before i3 v4.8, we used to recommend this one as the default:
# font -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--13-120-75-75-C-70-iso10646-1
# The font above is very space-efficient, that is, it looks good, sharp and
# clear in small sizes. However, its unicode glyph coverage is limited, the old
# X core fonts rendering does not support right-to-left and this being a bitmap
# font, it doesn’t scale on retina/hidpi displays.
# Use Mouse+$mod to drag floating windows to their wanted position
floating_modifier $mod
# start a terminal
bindsym $mod+Return exec i3-sensible-terminal
# kill focused window
bindsym $mod+Shift+q kill
# start dmenu (a program launcher)
# bindsym $mod+d exec dmenu_run
# There also is the (new) i3-dmenu-desktop which only displays applications
# shipping a .desktop file. It is a wrapper around dmenu, so you need that
# installed.
bindsym $mod+d exec --no-startup-id i3-dmenu-desktop
# change focus
bindsym $mod+h focus left
bindsym $mod+j focus down
bindsym $mod+k focus up
bindsym $mod+l focus right
# move focused window
bindsym $mod+Shift+h move left
bindsym $mod+Shift+j move down
bindsym $mod+Shift+k move up
bindsym $mod+Shift+l move right
# # split in horizontal orientation
bindsym $mod+Shift+backslash split h
# # split in vertical orientation
bindsym $mod+Shift+minus split v
# enter fullscreen mode for the focused container
bindsym $mod+f fullscreen
# change container layout (stacked, tabbed, toggle split)
bindsym $mod+s layout stacking
bindsym $mod+w layout tabbed
bindsym $mod+e layout toggle split
# toggle tiling / floating
bindsym $mod+Shift+space floating toggle
# change focus between tiling / floating windows
bindsym $mod+space focus mode_toggle
# Make the currently focused window a scratchpad
bindsym $mod+Shift+semicolon move scratchpad
# Show the first scratchpad window
bindsym $mod+semicolon scratchpad show
# focus the parent container
bindsym $mod+p focus parent
# focus the child container
bindsym $mod+c focus child
# switch to workspace
bindsym $mod+1 workspace 1
bindsym $mod+2 workspace 2
bindsym $mod+3 workspace 3
bindsym $mod+4 workspace 4
bindsym $mod+5 workspace 5
bindsym $mod+6 workspace 6
bindsym $mod+7 workspace 7
bindsym $mod+8 workspace 8
bindsym $mod+9 workspace 9
bindsym $mod+0 workspace 10
# move focused container to workspace
bindsym $mod+Shift+1 move container to workspace 1
bindsym $mod+Shift+2 move container to workspace 2
bindsym $mod+Shift+3 move container to workspace 3
bindsym $mod+Shift+4 move container to workspace 4
bindsym $mod+Shift+5 move container to workspace 5
bindsym $mod+Shift+6 move container to workspace 6
bindsym $mod+Shift+7 move container to workspace 7
bindsym $mod+Shift+8 move container to workspace 8
bindsym $mod+Shift+9 move container to workspace 9
bindsym $mod+Shift+0 move container to workspace 10
# reload the configuration file
bindsym $mod+Shift+c reload
# restart i3 inplace (preserves your layout/session, can be used to upgrade i3)
bindsym $mod+Shift+r restart
# exit i3 (logs you out of your X session)
bindsym $mod+Shift+e exec "i3-nagbar -t warning -m 'You pressed the exit shortcut. Do you really want to exit i3? This will end your X session.' -b 'Yes, exit i3' 'i3-msg exit'"
# resize window (you can also use the mouse for that)
mode "resize" {
# These bindings trigger as soon as you enter the resize mode
# Pressing left will shrink the window’s width.
# Pressing right will grow the window’s width.
# Pressing up will shrink the window’s height.
# Pressing down will grow the window’s height.
bindsym h resize shrink width 10 px or 10 ppt
bindsym j resize grow height 10 px or 10 ppt
bindsym k resize shrink height 10 px or 10 ppt
bindsym l resize grow width 10 px or 10 ppt
# back to normal: Enter or Escape
bindsym Return mode "default"
bindsym Escape mode "default"
bindsym $mod+r mode "resize"
# various ways to quit
mode "(s)hutdown (r)estart slee(p)" {
bindsym s exec sudo 'shutdown -h now'; mode "default"
bindsym r exec sudo 'shutdown -r now'; mode "default"
bindsym p exec sudo pm-suspend; mode "default"
bindsym Return mode "default"
bindsym Escape mode "default"
bindsym $mod+q mode "(s)hutdown (r)estart slee(p)"
# Start i3bar to display a workspace bar (plus the system information i3status
# finds out, if available)
bar {
status_command i3status
# Toggle between hide state and show state
bindsym $mod+m bar hidden_state toggle
# Toggle between dock mode and hide mode
bindsym $mod+n bar mode toggle
# screenshot bindings (all work with Print Screen key)
bindcode 107 exec --no-startup-id scrot
bindcode Alt+107 exec --no-startup-id scrot -u
bindcode --release Mod4+107 exec --no-startup-id scrot -s
# use minus and equal keys to adjust volume
set $sink $(pactl list short sinks | grep RUNNING | cut -f1)
bindsym $mod+equal exec --no-startup-id pactl set-sink-volume $sink -- +10%
bindsym $mod+minus exec --no-startup-id pactl set-sink-volume $sink -- -10%
# use backslash key as mute toggle
bindsym $mod+backslash exec --no-startup-id pactl set-sink-mute $sink toggle
exec ~/.i3/local
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