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Modified version of Shawn Blanc's OopsieFocus script
A script to launch OmniFocus and activate the Quick Entry Panel
By Shawn Blanc (
May 20, 2011
With code used from the Toggle Twitter script by Red Sweater Software:
Works great with FastScripts or Keyboard Maestro:
How it works:
Set this script to run using the same keyboard shortut that you use to launch the Quick
Entry Panel in OmniFocus. If you ever try to activate the Quick Entry Panel but
OmniFocus happens to not be running, then this script will launch OmniFocus and bring
up the Quick Entry Panel for you.
-- Is OmniFocus running?
on appIsRunning(GTDAppName)
tell application "System Events"
return (count of (application processes whose name is GTDAppName)) is not 0
end tell
end AppIsRunning
-- If OmniFocus is running, do nothing.
-- If OmniFocus is not running, launch it and bring up the Quick Entry Panel.
if appIsRunning("OmniFocus") then
tell application "OmniFocus"
tell quick entry
make new inbox task
tell application "System Events" to keystroke tab
end tell
end tell
end if
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