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Last active Jul 20, 2016
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Simple script used to set to run automatically via bash script + cronjob, serve up the content and send out e-mail notifications.
# Utilizing LaNMaSteR53's script to auto-scrape web servers and send out notifications.
# Optimized for Kali Linux
# greg.foss[at]
# cronjob to run this script once a week every Sunday at Midnight
# 0 0 * * 0 /usr/share/peepingtom/
# prepare storage location, remove old data, and migrate existing folders
if [ -f /var/www/hosts/archive/*.* ]
rm /var/www/hosts/archive/*.*
mv /var/www/hosts/*.* /var/www/hosts/archive/
# run nmap sweep of host-range to find new services
if [ -f /usr/share/peepingtom/hosts.xml ]
rm /usr/share/peepingtom/hosts.xml
nmap -sS -Pn -p 80,81,82,443,1000,8000,8080,8443,3780,3790 [IP ADDRESS RANGE] -oX /usr/share/peepingtom/hosts.xml
python /usr/share/peepingtom/ -x /usr/share/peepingtom/hosts.xml
# use text file of existing services
#python /usr/share/peepingtom/ -l /usr/share/peepingtom/host-list.txt
# serve up files
mv /usr/share/peepingtom/hosts/* /var/www/hosts/
echo -y | rm -rf /usr/share/peepingtom/hosts/
mv /var/www/hosts/peepingtom.html /var/www/hosts/index.html
# email notification
sendEmail -f [] -t [] -u 'Application Sweep Completed' -m 'Application sweep has been completed, you may view the results here: http://[SITE]/hosts/index.html' -s [SEND.SITE.COM]:25 -o tls=no
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