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1. Release AMDClean.js v0.4.0:
a. Remove all `require` methods that contain empty function declarations
b. Implement Gulp.js as the build system
2. Create Gulp Plugins:
a. Jasmine-Node
3. Release DownloadBuilder.js v0.8.0:
a. Support Require.js build configurations with the r.js web builder
b. Support built-in minification with the uglify.js web minifier
c. Support AMDClean via the web build
4. Update custom Backbone.js Builds
a. Re-write with AMDClean
b. Provide command line custom build with gulp.js
c. Provide web custom build with DownloadBuilder.js
5. Release jqfactory v0.4.0:
a. Re-write with AMDClean
b. Provide optional Zepto support
c. Provide HTML5 data attribute support
6. Release Tocify v2.0.0:
a. Re-write with jqfactory and AMDClean
b. Support Bootstrap 3
c. Make responsive
d. Support scooting technique to make sure an item is always visible
e. Bug fixes
7. Release SelectBoxIt v4.0.0:
a. Re-write with jqfactory and AMDClean
b. Support Bootstrap 3
c. Support multiple selects
e. Support chosen-like combobox
8. Release Backbone-Require-Boilerplate v1.7.0
a. Include plato test coverage support
b. Grunt Jasmine support
9. Create more BoilerplateMVC boilerplates:
a. Ember-Require-Boilerplate
b. Backbone-Ractive-Require-Boilerplate
c. Backbone-Reactive-Require-Boilerplate
d. Angular-Require-Boilerplate (I still haven't touched Angular)
e. Can-Require-Boilerplate (I still haven't touched Can.js)
10. Create Yeoman Generator/Scaffolding Tool for BoilerplateMVC projects
a. Build system - Grunt or Gulp
b. Testing framework - Mocha or Jasmine
c. MV* framework - Backbone, Backbone/Ractive, Backbone/Reactive, Ember, Angular, or Can.js
11. Create UI framework based on Polymer
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