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1. Creating Maintainable JavaScript Libraries with AMDClean
2. Backbone.js Custom Builds
3. Grunt or Gulp?
4. Web Components & Polymer
5. The Future of jQuery Plugins - A Web Components Story
6. New Kids On The Block - Reactive.js and Ractive.js
7. Battle Royale - Browserify vs Require.js
8. Backbone with Ractive.js
9. Creating JavaScript Static Analysis Tools with Esprima, Estraverse, and Escodegen
10. ES6 Modules - What Does the Future Hold for AMD and CommonJS Client-Side Modules?
11. jQuery Custom Builds vs Zepto
12. Understanding JavaScript Generators
13. The ES5 JavaScript Methods You Should Be Using Today
14. Dropping Legacy IE - How supporting IE9+ Is Going to Change the Web
15. The Life of a Third-Party JavaScript Developer
16. Cross Browser Testing with Node.js, Mocha, Web Driver, and Sauce Labs
17. CSS animations - An Animate.css Deep Dive
18. Layout/Rendering Performance Pitfalls
19. Creating Animations with Snap.svg
20. Experimenting with HTML5 Video and Mozilla's Popcorn.js
21. Open-Source Inspiration - Why Open-Source Developers Do What They Do
22. Crystal Ball - Where the Web Will Be in 5 years
23. Node.js Streams for the Front-End Developer
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