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Created Jul 17, 2016
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.text:004010B0 sub_4010B0 proc near ; CODE XREF: sub_401120+24p
.text:004010B0 push esi
.text:004010B1 mov esi, ecx
.text:004010B3 push esi
.text:004010B4 call ds:rand
.text:004010BA cdq
.text:004010BB mov ecx, 6
.text:004010C0 idiv ecx
.text:004010C2 shl edx, 4
.text:004010C5 add edx, offset aHello ; "Hello"
.text:004010CB push edx
.text:004010CC push offset aSS ; "%s, %s!\n"
.text:004010D1 call sub_401040
.text:004010D6 add esp, 0Ch
.text:004010D9 mov eax, offset aGabriel ; "Gabriel"
.text:004010DE xchg ax, ax
.text:004010E0 loc_4010E0: ; CODE XREF: sub_4010B0+4Aj
.text:004010E0 mov cl, [eax]
.text:004010E2 cmp cl, [esi]
.text:004010E4 jnz short loc_401100
.text:004010E6 test cl, cl
.text:004010E8 jz short loc_4010FC
.text:004010EA mov cl, [eax+1]
.text:004010ED cmp cl, [esi+1]
.text:004010F0 jnz short loc_401100
.text:004010F2 add eax, 2
.text:004010F5 add esi, 2
.text:004010F8 test cl, cl
.text:004010FA jnz short loc_4010E0
.text:004010FC loc_4010FC: ; CODE XREF: sub_4010B0+38j
.text:004010FC xor esi, esi
.text:004010FE jmp short loc_401105
.text:00401100 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
.text:00401100 loc_401100: ; CODE XREF: sub_4010B0+34j
.text:00401100 ; sub_4010B0+40j
.text:00401100 sbb esi, esi
.text:00401102 or esi, 1
.text:00401105 loc_401105: ; CODE XREF: sub_4010B0+4Ej
.text:00401105 test esi, esi
.text:00401107 jnz short loc_401116
.text:00401109 push offset aHaveANiceDay ; "Have a nice day!\n"
.text:0040110E call sub_401040
.text:00401113 add esp, 4
.text:00401116 loc_401116: ; CODE XREF: sub_4010B0+57j
.text:00401116 mov eax, esi
.text:00401118 pop esi
.text:00401119 retn
.text:00401119 sub_4010B0 endp
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