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A Spring configuration to use an embedded MongoDB during tests
public class TestMongoConfig {
private static final MongodStarter starter = MongodStarter.getDefaultInstance();
private MongoProperties properties;
@Autowired(required = false)
private MongoClientOptions options;
@Bean(destroyMethod = "close")
public Mongo mongo() throws IOException {
Net net = mongod().getConfig().net();
return properties.createMongoClient(this.options);
@Bean(destroyMethod = "stop")
public MongodProcess mongod() throws IOException {
return mongodExe().start();
@Bean(destroyMethod = "stop")
public MongodExecutable mongodExe() throws IOException {
return starter.prepare(mongodConfig());
public IMongodConfig mongodConfig() throws IOException {
return new MongodConfigBuilder().version(Version.Main.PRODUCTION).build();
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