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install silverstripe + common modules from github
# install silverstripe + common modules from github
# usage sh <folder_name> <tag/branch>
# examples:
# sh some_folder tags/2.4.5
# sh some_folder master
#set up project base folder
git clone $1
cd $1
git checkout $2
#setup cms
git clone cms
cd cms
git checkout $2
cd ..
#setup framework
git clone sapphire
cd sapphire
git checkout $2
cd ..
#set permissions for install
chmod 0777 assets assets/*
chmod 0666 .htaccess mysite/_config.php assets/*/*
#install blackcandy theme
mv themes/tutorial ./
rm -rf themes
git clone themes
cd themes
git checkout $2
cd ..
mv tutorial themes
# install common modules
git clone uploadify
git clone dataobject_manager
git clone userforms
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