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function sumv(v,i,s=0) = (i<=s ? v[i] : v[i] + sumv(v,i-1,s));
// (ugh, i'm using base 1 to make the UI readable and it's making me sad)
// Inner diameter #1 (mm). You can have up to 8 inner diameters in this pack; if you want fewer, just set the others to zero.
id1 = 2;
// Inner diameter #2 (mm). Zero to ignore.
id2 = 0;
View crude auto mount and copy blackbox log script for betaflight
#!/usr/bin/env python
import re, argparse, sys, time
import shutil, os
from serial import Serial
# call like this ./ /dev/ttyACM0 115200 labeloflog
# note: edit paths in script accordingly - could/should be cleaned up a bit
View optirun wrapper xps 15 9570
function printHelp {
echo "Utility to run games and applications in separate X on discrete Nvidia graphic card"
echo "Usage: "
echo "nvidia-xrun [<options>] [<app>]"
echo "Options: "
echo " -d Dry run - prints the final command but does not execute it"
ghostface / vtx.lua
Last active Oct 7, 2020
VTX Power switching via transmitter switch (Opentx/Betaflight/Tramp/Smartaudio)
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-- *Fixed version of wkochFPV for BF 3.5
-- Original:
-- Note: If you put it on a 3-way switch and go from first to third position fast it may not register correctly so better step through slowly
-- *Changes:
-- Corrected loading of dependencies
-- Shortened filename to make it compatible with latest opentx restrictions
-- Added a condition in the script for pit mode (vtx power 0 alone didn't work for me)