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OpenChemistry in Google Summer of Code 2017

Are you a student? Know a student?

Want to get paid to write open source chemistry code this summer?

Following up on a successful 2016, the Open Chemistry "umbrella" group of open source chemistry projects is looking for student proposals for Google Summer of Code (

Applications and proposals are due from March 20th until April 3rd. Students who are selected are paid between $US 2400 and $US 6600 for completing their work (

Students can submit their own ideas or work on suggested projects (Avogadro, cclib, RDKit, 3Dmol.js, MSDK, NWChem, Open Babel) Ideas range from easy-to-use web repositories for computational chemistry, OpenMM and GPU enabled molecular mechanics, volumetric rendering, to advanced analytical methods for quantum chemistry.

If you're interested, more details are available online:

We're looking forward to some great proposals - please circulate widely!

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