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A script to randomize all the character colors in a Google Doc. Use with caution.
function Multicolor() {
var doc = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument();
var body = doc.getBody();
//This Loops Through All Paragraphs
for(var i=0; i<body.getNumChildren(); i++) {
var par = body.getChild(i);
//This Loops Through Paragraph Children
for(var y=0; y<par.getNumChildren(); y++) {
var txt = par.asParagraph().getChild(y);
var len = txt.asText().getText().length;
//This Loops Through Text Within Each Paragraph
for(var x=0; x< len; x++) {
var randomR = Math.round((Math.random() * 255));
var randomG = Math.round((Math.random() * 255));
var randomB = Math.round((Math.random() * 255));
string = txt.asText().getText().charAt(x);
rgbHex = rgbToHex(randomR, randomG, randomB);
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