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How to do technical discussion?

How to do technical discussion?

  1. Define problems.
  • Define common terms:
    • What means by x ? Even when x is a common terms?
      • For example in delivery platform: What means by refund? Turns out engineering team has different definition with product team 😅
      • Save us precious time and make sure our discussion is valid
  • Define priorities (Tech Lead responsibility):
    • Is it life or death?
    • Is it up to common practice?
    • Can we generalize this issue?
    • Is it for problem prevention?
      • What problem do you perceive it will happen if x approach is taken?
  1. Explore solutions
  • Leading conversation (Tech Lead responsibility)
    • Encourage team members to contribute ideas
    • Listen to team members solutions:
      • Possible scenarios:
        1. Team members are on-track 😁
        2. Team members are off-track 😑
        3. Guide them to think about different angles 1. Performance? Code structure? Potential downtime? Non global solution?
        4. Still in disagreement 1. Table the discussion, bring it offline 2. (Trust me I am an Engineer)
    • Time-boxing
      • maximum 15-20 minutes per discussion
  • Coming up with solutions:
    • User experience?
    • Business critical?
    • Performance?
    • Code structure?
    • Impact?
    • Possible pitfalls (especially platform)
  1. Follow up:
  2. Debrief on the discussion and decision, possibly with individual team members
  3. Document learnings
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