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Giles Van Gruisen gilesvangruisen

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def _highest_density_interval(self, pmf, p=.9, title=''):
# If we pass a DataFrame, just call this recursively on the columns
if(isinstance(pmf, pd.DataFrame)):
return pd.DataFrame([self._highest_density_interval(pmf[col], title=str(col)) for col in pmf],
# Broadcast the probability distribution to an artificial set of samples by
# repeating each index value N times where N = probability sample_precision
sample_precision = 1000000
samples_repeats = np.array(pmf.values * sample_precision)#.astype(int)
gilesvangruisen / ci.yml
Created Apr 5, 2020
Ruby/Rails GitHub Actions CI
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name: rspec
- "master"
- "master"
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Start Date,End Date,# Days,Location
12/30/2014,1/1/2015,2,"Quechee, VT"
1/1/2015,1/4/2015,3,"Newport, RI"
1/4/2015,1/13/2015,9,"Somerville, MA"
1/13/2015,1/17/2015,4,"San Francisco, CA"
1/18/2015,1/22/2015,4,"Somerville, MA"
1/22/2015,1/27/2015,5,"Newport, RI"
1/27/2015,2/7/2015,11,"Somerville, MA"
2/7/2015,2/8/2015,1,"Newport, RI"
2/8/2015,2/18/2015,10,"Somerville, MA"
gilesvangruisen / LocalStore.swift
Last active Aug 29, 2015
StorableValue protocol for encoding/decoding a value type and StoredValue object for boxing up a StorableValue to be cached. (Value types can't conform to NSCoding because it's a class-protocol.)
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// LocalStore.swift
// Created by Giles Van Gruisen on 3/23/15.
// Copyright (c) 2015 All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import AwesomeCache
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infix operator --> { associativity left precedence 160 }
func --><T, S>(argument: T?, body: (T) -> (S)) -> S? {
if let value = argument {
return body(value) as S
} else {
return nil
gilesvangruisen / binarySearch
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Swift generic binary search
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// Binary search
func binarySearch<T: Comparable>(target: T, collection: [T]) -> Int {
var min = 0
var max = countElements(collection) - 1
return binaryMakeGuess(min, max, target, collection)
gilesvangruisen / Publisher.h
Last active Jun 10, 2020
Basic pub/sub with Objective-C
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@interface Publisher : NSObject
- (void)subscribe:(void(^)(id object))subscriptionBlock;
- (void)publish:(id)object;