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@gilligan gilligan/add.js Secret
Created Dec 10, 2015

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var R = require('..');
var eq = require('./shared/eq');
var jsc = require("jsverify");
describe('add', function() {
it('adds together two numbers', function() {
eq(R.add(3, 7), 10);
it('is curried', function() {
var incr = R.add(1);
eq(incr(42), 43);
describe('properties', function () {"commutative", "integer", "integer", function (a, b) {
return R.add(a,b) === R.add(b,a);
});"associative", "integer", "integer", "integer", function (a, b, c) {
return R.add(a, R.add(b, c)) === R.add(R.add(a, b), c);
});"unit element", "integer" , function (a) {
return R.add(a, 0) === a;
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