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MOD: AJAX Live Options + Percentage Option
FILE: admin/view/template/catalog/product_form.twig
CODE: html += ' <td class="text-right"><select name="product_option[' + option_row + '][product_option_value][' + option_value_row + '][price_prefix]" class="form-control">';
LINE: 1485
CODE: <select name="product_option[{{ option_row }}][product_option_value][{{ option_value_row }}][price_prefix]" class="form-control">
LINE: 658
FILE: admin/controller/catalog/product.php
CODE: if ($option_value_info) {
View Order.php
$orders[] = [
'order_id' => $result['order_id'],
'name' => $result['firstname'] . ' ' . $result['lastname'],
'customer_id' => $result['customer_id'],
'email' => $result['email'],
'telephone' => $result['telephone'],
'status' => $result['status'],
'date_added' => $result['date_added'],
'products_totals' => ($product_total + $voucher_total),
'products' => $productsOrder,
#encoding: utf-8
#Django Import's
from django.db import models
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
#CKEditor Import
from ckeditor.fields import RichTextField
#encoding: utf-8
#Django Imports
from django.urls import path
#Views Import
from .views import *
urlpatterns = [
path('', Inicio, name = 'inicio'),
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