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-- Find suspect Memberships due to contributions being linked to multiple membership-payment records
SELECT AS mempay_id,
mempay.contribution_id AS contrib_id,
contrib.receive_date, contrib.total_amount,
mempay.membership_id AS mem_id,,
c_contrib.display_name AS contrib_contact_name, AS contrib_contact_id, AS mem_contact_id, c_mem.display_name AS mem_contact_name
civicrm_membership_payment mempay
LEFT JOIN civicrm_membership mem ON
LEFT JOIN civicrm_membership_type memtype ON
LEFT JOIN civicrm_contribution contrib ON
LEFT JOIN civicrm_contact c_mem ON
LEFT JOIN civicrm_contact c_contrib ON
WHERE mempay.contribution_id
IN ( SELECT contribution_id FROM civicrm_membership_payment GROUP BY contribution_id HAVING count(*)>1 )
ORDER BY contrib_id,

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@davejenx davejenx commented Nov 21, 2016

This will also show legitimate contributions where the contribution is for more than one membership.

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