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Technical Blog, Tutorials, and Docs

This is a list of my articles, mostly written for employers, and some have been done in my own time.

Magazine Columns (as an Author)

Books (as a Technical Editor)

Personal Tech Blog — 1996 to present (Technical blogs started on 2007)

Tech Doodles — 2017 to present

Slack API Documentations— 2017 - 2020

  • - some of the long-form docs
  • Slack API Tutorials — 2017 - 2020
  • Building a home for your app 🏡
  • Hello World, Bolt ⚡️ - Building your very first app with Bolt
  • Building contextual search experiences using Block Kit and Node.js
  • Make Your Office Smarter! DIY with Raspberry Pi & Slack
  • 🎌 tutorials in Japanese on Qiita:

Slack API Webinars — 2017 - 2020 (not all recordings are publicly available)

  • Building apps with Slack developer tools
  • IBM Watson Developer - Build a Smart Bot with Slack, Block Kit and Watson - Crowdcast
  • Google Cloud Webinar - Cloud OnAir: Building a Serverless Slack Chatbot with Google Cloud Functions

Smashing Magazine—2017

Adafruit— 2017

Older articles may not be available at the URL anymore, but should be accessible via

Nexmo Tech blog — 2016 - 2017

  • How to Send SMS Messages with Node.js and Express
  • How to Receive SMS Messages with Node.js and Express
  • Receiving an SMS Delivery Receipt from a Mobile Carrier with Node.js
  • Making an Outbound Text-to-Speech Phone Call with Node.js
  • Handling Inbound Phone Calls with Node.js
  • Recording Audio from Incoming Calls with Node.js
  • How to Make a Private Phone Call with Node.js
  • Extending IBM Watson Project Intu to the Phone Network with the Nexmo Voice API
  • How to Implement Two-Factor Authentication with Node.js (Now unpublished & replaced with newer content by a current employee)

PubNub Docs and Tutorials — 2014 - 2016

  • Docs:
  • Blogs:
  • Prototyping a Smart Device w/ Arduino & Node.js using Johnny-Five
  • Raspberry Pi Smart House Tutorial: Controlling Lights with PWM
  • Internet of Things 101: Getting Started w/ Raspberry Pi
  • Triggering littleBits LEDs with Node.js Using Johnny-Five
  • Creating a Polymer Chat App with Material Design
  • Sending iOS Push Notifications via APNS in JavaScript
  • Sending Android Push Notifications via GCM in JavaScript
  • Converting Your JavaScript App to an iOS App w/ PhoneGap
  • Converting Your JavaScript App to an Android App w/ PhoneGap
  • Quick Word Cloud from a Chatroom with D3.js
  • Fun with D3js: Data Visualization Eye Candy with Streaming JSON
  • Doodle with Strangers! Multi-User HTML5 Canvas and the Part 2 with History API — February 2017

  • Send SMS from the Browser with Web APIs, Node, and Nexmo — 2016

  • Getting Started with Johnny-Five for IoT - on YouTube
  • Prototyping a Smart Light Bulb - on YouTube

Dev Opera Blog — February 2015

Twitter Developer Blog — December 2014

  • Tweet emotion: real-time Tweet analysis with PubNub Data Stream

Tuts Plus Code — 2016

  • Building a Collaborative Web App With PubNub, React.js, and ES6
  • Visualizing Real-Time Arduino Sensor Data With Johnny-Five and PubNub EON.js
  • How to Create a Smart Device With Arduino and Node.js Using PubNub

HTML5 — 2014 - 2017 — 4 blog posts in Japanese

Nokia Code Blog — 2012 - 2014

Various HTML5 tutorials ( - moved to Microsoft then shut down)

webOS Developer Blog — 2010 - 2012

Various webOS and enyo.js tutorials, focusing on UX ( - moved to Hewlett-Packard site then shut down)

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