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@gistlyn gistlyn/main.php
Created Dec 31, 2019

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PHP Google protoc insecure GrpcServicesClient TodoWorld Example
require dirname(__FILE__).'/vendor/autoload.php';
@include_once dirname(__FILE__).'/GPBMetadata/Services.php';
@include_once dirname(__FILE__).'/TodoWorld/GrpcServicesClient.php';
@include_once dirname(__FILE__).'/TodoWorld/Hello.php';
@include_once dirname(__FILE__).'/TodoWorld/HelloResponse.php';
$client = new TodoWorld\GrpcServicesClient('', [
'credentials' => Grpc\ChannelCredentials::createInsecure(),
$request = new TodoWorld\Hello();
$request->setName("gRPC PHP");
list($reply, $status) = $client->GetHello($request)->wait();
if ($status->code !== Grpc\STATUS_OK) {
echo "Call did not complete successfully. Status object:\n";
echo $reply->getResult();
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