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@gistlyn gistlyn/parse-rss.l
Last active Sep 20, 2019

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Simple #Script Lisp RSS Parser
(defn parse-rss [xml]
(let ( (to) (doc) (channel) (items) (el) )
(def doc (System.Xml.Linq.XDocument/Parse xml))
(def to (ObjectDictionary.))
(def items (List<ObjectDictionary>.))
(def channel (first (.Descendants doc "channel")))
(def el (XLinqExtensions/FirstElement channel))
; retrieve all elements up to the first <item> as top-level entries
(while (not= (.LocalName (.Name el)) "item")
(.Add to (.LocalName (.Name el)) (.Value el))
(def el (XLinqExtensions/NextElement el)))
; add all rss item's to items collection
(doseq (elItem (.Descendants channel "item"))
(def item (ObjectDictionary.))
(def el (XLinqExtensions/FirstElement elItem))
(while el
(.Add item (.LocalName (.Name el)) (.Value el))
(def el (XLinqExtensions/NextElement el)))
(.Add items item))
(.Add to "items" items)
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