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.NET Core 2.1 Web Apps Gallery

Live Demos

Live Demos of ServiceStack Sharp Apps. More Demos available at ServiceStackApps and NetCoreApps.


Explore and generate different Spirals with SVG:

Live Demo:


A minimal, multi-user Twitter OAuth blogging platform that can create living, powerful pages:

Live Demo:

Redis Vue

.NET Core 2.1 Redis Admin Vue Web App:

Live Demo:


Example of running a Custom ServiceStack in a Web App:

Live Demo:


.NET Core 2.1 Web Apps Starter project:

Live Demo:

Redis HTML

.NET Core 2.1 Redis Admin HTML Web App:

Live Demo:

Rockwind Web App

Multi Northwind and Rockstars Web App:

Live Demo:

Rockwind Aws

Rockwind Pure Cloud Web App on AWS.

Live Demo:

Rockwind Azure

Rockwind Pure Cloud Web App on Azure.

Live Demo:

Plugins Web App

Example of using custom Plugins, Services and Filters in a Web App:

Live Demo:

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gistlyn commented Sep 12, 2018

To make your Web App available in the app and web gallery add a link to your Repository in comments below. We'll use your project's Description and any screenshot of your App included in your project's

For a example, see:

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