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Forked from niahoo/delete-all-messages.js
Created January 7, 2018 23:22
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Delete all messages in a Discord channel
// Paste your token between the quotes :
var authToken = '________________________________________'
!function(t,e){function n(t){return t&&e.XDomainRequest&&!/MSIE 1/.test(navigator.userAgent)?new XDomainRequest:e.XMLHttpRequest?new XMLHttpRequest:void 0}function o(t,e,n){t[e]=t[e]||n}var r=["responseType","withCredentials","timeout","onprogress"];t.ajax=function(t,a){function s(t,e){return function(){c||(a(void 0===f.status?t:f.status,0===f.status?"Error":f.response||f.responseText||e,f),c=!0)}}var u=t.headers||{},i=t.body,d=t.method||(i?"POST":"GET"),c=!1,f=n(t.cors);,t.url,!0);var l=f.onload=s(200);f.onreadystatechange=function(){4===f.readyState&&l()},f.onerror=s(null,"Error"),f.ontimeout=s(null,"Timeout"),f.onabort=s(null,"Abort"),i&&(o(u,"X-Requested-With","XMLHttpRequest"),e.FormData&&i instanceof e.FormData||o(u,"Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"));for(var p,m=0,v=r.length;v>m;m++)p=r[m],void 0!==t[p]&&(f[p]=t[p]);for(var p in u)f.setRequestHeader(p,u[p]);return f.send(i),f},e.nanoajax=t}({},function(){return this}());
var regexReactId = /\$[0-9]+/g
var ids = $$('[data-reactid*=":$"].message-text').map(function getMessageId(el) {
var reactid = el.getAttribute('data-reactid')
var match = reactid.match(regexReactId)
var id = match.pop().substr(1)
return id
return !!id
var channel = window.location.href.split('/').pop()
var base_url = '' + channel + '/messages/'
var deleteLoop = function(){
if (! ids.length) { return }
var id = ids.pop()
url: base_url + id,
method: 'DELETE',
headers: {
authorization: authToken
}, function(){
setTimeout(deleteLoop, 500)

Delete all messages in a Discord channel

You have to know how to use your browser developer tools to use this thechnique.

1. Open your channel

The URL must be like and not If so, change it manually. Once on the right page, you must not reload or navigate.

2. Get your authorization token

  • Open the dev tools (F12), open the Network tab. (You should clear all requests for better readability if you see some.)
  • Delete one message manually. In the request log, you will see a request with a DELETE method.
  • Click on the request to open the details, and on the Headers tab, copy the 'authorization' thoken. It's a long text with dots like MTX5MzQ1MjAyMjU0NjA2MzM2.ROFLMAO.UvqZqBMXLpDuOY3Z456J3JRIfbk.

3. Get the script

Edit the javascript code from this tutorial in a text editor.

Find the line starting with with var authToken = and paste the token. Pay attention to the quotes. The code should read like this :

// Paste your token between the quotes :
var authToken = 'MTX5MzQ1MjAyMjU0NjA2MzM2.ROFLMAO.UvqZqBMXLpDuOY3Z456J3JRIfbk'

4. Launch

This script will only delete the messages that are visible. So, if you want to delete more messages, you should scroll top to show more of them before launch. If you do not have the permissions to delete some messages, the script should still work with yours (not tested).

Copy the full code that you have edited, paste it into the browser javascript console and watch your messages being deleted.

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