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how to make a nice GIF from png frames

Make sure ffmpeg is up-to-date:

brew update
brew upgrade ffmpeg

Convert a MOV into frames. Tweak the 2/1 if you want more or fewer frames.

mkdir frames
ffmpeg -i -r 2/1 frames/%03d.png

Optional: crop the frames to 600x400px using 824,690 as top/left

mkdir cropped
convert ??.png -crop 600x400+824+690 cropped/

Create the pallete.gif

ffmpeg -i cropped/%02d.png -vf palettegen palette.png

Aaaand create the GIF. The 6*PTS is added to slow down the GIF frames.

ffmpeg -v warning -i cropped/%02d.png -i palette.png  -lavfi "paletteuse,setpts=6*PTS" -y out.gif

Bonus tip: if you want the last frame to have a longer duration, just copy your last frame image a bunch of times and use new frame numbers as filename.

copy 20.png 21.png
copy 20.png 22.png
copy 20.png 23.png
copy 20.png 24.png



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varoon commented Apr 5, 2018

How to Add Transparent of the GIF ?
The PNG images have transparency and the output GIF does not have transparent. Any fix ?


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kkevlar commented Aug 22, 2018


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samdivaio commented Nov 28, 2018

They do.


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doczoidberg commented May 5, 2020

my parameters:

-framerate 10 -i _frame%d.png -i palette.png -lavfi paletteuse=alpha_threshold=128 -gifflags -offsetting result.gif

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